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Metal Detox For Hair.

What is Metal Detox?

Everyone has metal in their hair. It accumulates inside the hair fiber from environmental factors, erosion inside our pipes an even hard water. This can lead to the salon professional’s worst nightmare: When metals in the hair come into contact with oxidants during color, balayage and lightening services, it can result in breakage and unreliable color results.

L’Oréal Professionnel introduces a solution by developing a breakthrough, patented technology to combat this issue. Glicoamine—the only molecule thin enough to penetrate into the hair’s deepest fibers—attracts metals and detoxes hair to deliver 100% reliable color, 87% less breakage and is compatible with all color and lightener brands.

After performing over 102 instrumental tests in the labs with L’Oréal Professionnel scientists, conducting over 1000 tests on real clients and partnering with hairdressers to test the regimen under real salon conditions, L’Oréal Professionnel has developed a breakthrough range for pros by pros. Metal Detox detoxes metals from inside the hair fiber and protects hair to achieve a pure color result and provides the hair with vibrancy, shine, softness and nourishment between color services.


[Metal Detox]

Pro guarantee your color, balayage & lightening.

Patented technology with Glicoamine to neutralize metal inside the fiber & detoxify hair.

87% less breakage risk.2 100% reliable color results.3

Compatible with all color and lightening brands.


Metal inside the fiber.

Metal inside the fiber can cause breakage & unreliable color result, during coloration, balayage & lightening.

DISCOVERY Metal concentration map. The level of metal in hair varies, depending on hair porosity and on the water quality where we live. It's not a problem for people's health. But it is a real risk during coloration, balayage or lightening. The map represents the pourcentage of people who have an excessive metal level in hair.

Metals concentration High > 30 ppm

Source : analysis on ww collected strands vivo analytical results

BR 217, FR 176, USA 149, CN 143, RU 138, GER 130, UK 108, IND 92, SA 29



The molecule small enough to penetrate and neutralize metal inside the fiber & detoxify hair.

Charlotte Feltin. Head of L'Oréal Haircare Laboratories.

Thanks to our collaboration with the worldwide authority on metal, Ioannina University, we indentified a perfect molecule: Glicoamine. It is the only active agent small enough to trap and neutralize metal inside the fiber. Fiber integrity is preserved, color is mastered, and the oxidant gets to fully do its job.


[Metal Detox]

2-step protocol at home.

  • 1 Anti-metal cleansing cream.

  • 2 Anti-deposit protector mask.

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